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Thermal Solar Collectors

TiSUN Solar Thermal Collectors are used in more than 40 countries all over the world .

 Along with MNRE and BIS , Solar Keymark Certification has given authenticity to our collector to perform in any conditions  .

Simple and efficient:

TiSUN solar collectors. The solar collectors play the major role in the process of collecting solar energy. They catch the sun’s rays and convert them into valuable heat. Imagine it like a garden hosepipe that has been lying in the sun for a long time. The water within suddenly heats up. 

Over 60 % efficiency:

The collector includes an aluminium absorber instead of a rubber hose. This worships the sun, warms itself – and then gives the heat to the water flowing through it. A special coating and highly efficient insulation en-sure that as little of the sun’s heat is lost as possible. So simple, and yet so effective. The efficiency of the solar collectors is generally more than 60 %. In plain language: Around 400 kWh of hot water can be ob-tained from the approximately 1,000 kWh solar radiation per square metre in India each year. Clean, economical, environmentally friendly.

Save energy in style:

TiSUN offers leading edge solar collectors in a world-wide technology comparison and have now reached the roofs of 100+ countries around the world. Their attractive design makes TiSUN solar collectors not just a clear acknowledgement of sustainable energy generation, but also a visual plus for a building.


Technical Specifications
Avg. Energy Production per day 6.5KW
Certificates Solar Keymarck EN 12975, ISO 9001:2000, ISO 9001:2000, ISO 9001:2000
Certificates DIN
Certificates BIS
Certificates MNRE Approved
Warranty 5 years trouble free performance
Pressure Testing Tested hydraulically up to 10 Bar
Sealing Completely sealed with silicon sealant for waterproof performance as per BIS specs.
Rubbers EPDM Grommets and Glass bidding to withstand temperature and outdoor conditions
Overall Dimension 2030 x 1030 x 95 mm
Glazing 4mm Solar Low Iron Toughened Prismatic Glass
Insulation Rock wool slab of 50mm thickness and 48kg/m3 density for bottom and Glass wool of 25mm thickness and 24 kg/m3 density for sides Covered with Black Glass Tissue for protection and support.
Headers 2 Nos. Copper tubes, 22mm O.D. X ).71 mm thick* 1080mm. L
Absorber Area 2 m2
Absorber Coating PVD High Selectivety coating (Mirotherm)
Absorber Material Copper Tubes laser welded on Aluminium Fins
Collector Box Aluminium extrusion Alloy -­‐‑6063 T6 with attractive ribbing design for frame and 0.5 G.I sheet for backing totally riveted free and sealed with Silicon Sealant.
Weight 42 Kgs